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Ohio Cannabis Legalization: Recreational FAQ

Since we began serving patients in 2021, The Landing has been helping Ohioans navigate to a better life with the help of medical cannabis. We’ve grown alongside the communities we serve, and with recreational access on the horizon, we’re ready to welcome all Ohioans to our family of dispensaries as soon as we can.


Here are a few questions we are often asked about recreational cannabis in Ohio.


Q: Is weed legal in Ohio?


A: Yes. Medical cannabis has been legal in Ohio since 2016. In November 2023, Ohio voters supported a ballot measure (Issue 2) to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for non-medical purposes. 


The fundamental provisions allowing for the cultivation, processing, sale, purchase, possession, home growing, and use of recreational weed by adults of legal age (21 and over) went into effect on December 7, 2023.


Currently, adults of legal age can possess and grow cannabis at home, but the rollout of legal recreational sales is still in process. 

Check out our complete guide to Ohio weed laws.

Q: Are there any recreational dispensaries in Ohio yet?


A: Not yet, but potentially very soon! Since adult-use cannabis legalization was voted through in late 2023, regulators have been hard at work setting up the legal framework for sales at dispensaries. As of spring 2024, policymakers are anticipating that Ohio recreational weed sales could begin as soon as this summer.


For the time being, legal cannabis is only available for purchase at licensed medical dispensaries by registered patients and caregivers.


Q: When will recreational cannabis be available at The Landing Dispensaries?


A: Sales of Ohio recreational weed cannot begin until licenses are issued and dispensaries are certified, which is expected to happen as early as this summer. 


Once our adult-use licenses are issued and our family of cannabis dispensaries is certified, we’ll be thrilled to finally offer recreational weed in Ohio—and we are ready to get rolling as soon as we’re able.


Q: Do I still need to renew my medical card even though Issue 2 passed?


A: Yes. If you’re currently an Ohio medical cannabis patient or caregiver, it’s important to keep your Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program card up-to-date and valid.


Why? Until sales of recreational weed in Ohio officially begin, legal cannabis can only be purchased at licensed medical dispensaries by registered patients and caregivers. And while recreational sales are anticipated to begin this summer, if you want to access medical cannabis during this time you’re still required to have an active Ohio medical cannabis card to make purchases at The Landing and other Ohio dispensaries.


Learn more about how to get certified as an Ohio medical cannabis patient.


Q: After recreational sales begin, will there still be medical cannabis in Ohio?


A: Yes. The state’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) will continue, and all patients and caregivers are encouraged to keep their cannabis cards active. 


Staying registered as a current medical marijuana patient has advantages. For one thing, it ensures that you’re speaking with a physician about your qualifying condition for guidance on how best to use cannabis as part of your treatment plan. And it maintains your access to medical cannabis through dispensaries such as The Landing Dispensary. 


What’s more, keeping your medical cannabis card active saves you money! In addition to giving you access to any medical-only discounts that may be offered, an active card will exempt you from paying the 10% excise tax levied on non-medical sales as per Ohio state law.


Q: Are there differences between the products available to medical cannabis patients and adult-use consumers?


A: At this time, there is no change in the potencies and products available to medical cannabis patients. The final legislation will determine the potency caps and products available to adult-use consumers, but a wide range of products will be available including flower, live plants and seeds, vapes, extracts and concentrates, tinctures, topicals, edibles and more. 

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