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Life in the FastLane

When Time Matters

Short on time and know exactly what you need? Utilize the Fast Lane for shortest fulfillment times and minimal time at pick up. If you are a pre-established Landing Dispensary patient, you can utilize the Fast Lane to get exactly what you want without the ​wait.

  1. Complete your Dutchie shopping cart before you enter the dispensary and select “In-Store Pick-Up.” 

  2. Alert the Patient Care Representative at check-in that you want FastLane check-out and you will be added to the FastLane queue. 

  3. We’ll call you into the dispensary floor as soon as your order is ready and get you back into life in the Fast Lane!  

*If you decide that you want to add something to your order, no problem!  Just inform your Patient Care Representative that you want to make a modification to your order at check-in. 


Shoppers can now join the ‘Fast Lane’ for added convenience, and seamless shopping when you know exactly what you want.

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